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A powerful concoction of magic, technology, and economic collapse – intense and brilliant.” – Steven Poore – author of Heir to the North.

Magic is real, and will decide the fate of the world.

The waters are rising. Displaced people pour across borders.

Desperate times give birth to desperate solutions.

For fanatical believer Jemima Tyson, the answer to overpopulation is to cull the human race – gently, at first.

For scientist Darius Raven, the key is a new technology that promises to awaken the slumbering giant of humanitys magical powers. On the trail of a solution to the worlds energy drought, he stumbles upon something much stranger, and becomes something new, something that had only existed in old tales – a magician, whose magical powers seldom fail.

For Malachi Herz, peace-loving killer, agent without an Agency, what matters most is the defeat of the Pure Light, a cultic mishmash of the most militaristic aspects of Christianity and of Islam.

As the old nations implode, sucked dry by all-powerful corporations, religious wars erupt worldwide, and the new magic becomes the foremost weapon.

But of course, power comes with a price. For some, the cost is terrible.

Twisted Power’ is the prequel to David R. LeeThe Road to Thule

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'Mad Max Meets The Wicker Man!’

‘Souls such as ours bear within them the terrible energies of cosmic fire and ice, the anvils of the giants. We are of the Allfather’s brood, and were forged for something greater, something that reality shatters on. You are of that bloodline, Alex, and you will come to know it.’ …

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Dave Lees SF short story On the Collapse of the State Vector in a Shared Freezer.