In this two-part 2×4 hour course on 4th and 11th July at 2pm Dave Lee and Niki Hughes will provide a comprehensive introduction to basic Chaos Magic. There is possibly no better introduction as Dave wrote on of the most accessible and thorough books in the field of Chaos Magic – Chaotopia. It remains one of the stand out books available and for this course you get the Author himself to guide you in the discovery of all things Chaos Magic, aided by his once student and now long time practitioner and tutor Niki Hughes.

Chaos magicians do magic and we’d like to invite you to do some magic too. We tend not to reuse our group rituals, so we have gathered a lot of experience in putting together workings from scratch.
So whether this is to be your first ritual or your hundredth this course offers the chance to meet fellow travellers, practice simple but powerful techniques and use these in a group ritual setting.

The course is in two parts, consisting of two 4-hour sessions on successive Saturdays, with live discussion and magic interspersed with specially-created short videos.
In the first part (4th July) we’ll take you through three rituals we’ve planned ourselves so you can get the hang of how effective workings are constructed, then you’ll get the opportunity to plan together a fourth ritual.
You can book for just the first part if you like. The second part is not stand-alone, it depends on what you’ll have learned in the first.

This will give us the structure to include these topics in Part 1, among others:
Enchantment: mantras and sigils
Divination: guidance for designing your working
Gnosis: exalted states for doing magic
Details and booking for Part 2 – Advanced Ritual Design – is here:

This is a pay as you feel event. When we run this series in the Goddess Temple above Airy Fairy we charge £23 full and £17 concession. We still put the same work in and the event is still hosted by Airy Fairy and taught by 2 experienced practitioners. If you can fit the price structure please do, however we are aware that things are tight for some at this time so will accept a donation to suit your circumstances, this does not need our approval just make the payment as you see fit.

Use the payment link to make your payment and then email us as to let us know which event you wish to book for. Further course correspondence will be sent if needed and any follow up information after the event.
Your email will be used for this purpose only.