On this course, you will learn to breathe in a continuous cycle which will nudge aside the internal monologue and put you in the present moment, in your body, in feelings. You will learn to appreciate whatever is there, just under the surface of your thoughts, and so to achieve bliss states much more readily. It is a simple technique, a skill that you can acquire on this course and take away with you. 

The course offerings include:

  • 3 coached Connected Breathwork sessions
  • Mp3 downloads of ‘virtual coach’ audios
  • Access to the course videos for the run of the course
  • Invitation to a specially-created Discord forum for support between coached sessions.


Connected Breathwork sessions are usually conducted lying down, so have somewhere comfortable to do that. You may feel cold during the session, so have a blanket or cover to hand.

Breathwork is best done on not too full a stomach. You’re fine eating a little light food before a session if you wish. Do not fast for a session unless you are experienced in fasting and its effects on you.

Health issues: Connected Breathwork is an extremely safe and gentle form of healing. However, some sessions can be emotionally intense, and for this reason it is best to check suitability with your coach if you have serious heart problems. By which I mean, if your heart condition is such that you could not, say, run for a bus. 

Connected Breathwork often has good effects on asthma sufferers. You may choose to use inhalers or not, and still take part in sessions.

Cost: The full price is £65, which is a good deal less than I usually ask for such an event. However, I know things are tight for a lot of us, so if you’re keen to take part I’d rather have you on the course than not! So please make an offer!


You can pay via: 


Use the payment link to make your payment and then email us as airyfairysheffield@gmail.com to let us know which event you wish to book for. Further course correspondence will be sent if needed and any follow up information after the event. 

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