Obviously, things have to be different during the covid pandemic. The Magic, Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond series of workshops in Sheffield’s Airy Fairy, or at least some of them, will be happening in some online form. Sign up to my Chaotopia Newsletter here for announcements about this and other events, including an entirely new online School of Magick.

I’ve also been writing in the newsletter about life during the plague months, the magical opportunities and other good stuff we can do during lockdown. Here’s an excerpt from the last one.


So how do we live and how do we feel during all this? Only total morons and scumbags hypnotized by money are suggesting we ignore the pandemic and get on with life as usual. On the other hand, it makes little sense to panic about it. Use this time to do something special with your life. Maybe even connecting with people in ways you’ve not done before.

Lockdown gives us the opportunity to work on what kind of world we’ll emerge into. Magical writers are coming up with some great stuff. Julian Vayne has written three covid-related posts on his excellent Blog of Baphomet. I suspect he’s not the only magician who’s suggested framing the isolation experience as a magical retirement or retreat. That’s certainly how I’m looking at it.

These posts include a superb suggestion for coordinated workings, with this sigil, called Hearty:

My partner’s and my spin on this is at the top.

And a tune composed from the DNA sequence of the coronavirus.

So get enchanting, people. Don’t waste a good crisis.