The next event will be on Sunday 11th November, from 1-6pm.
‘A fascinating, insightful and experiential 5 hour workshop exploring the history, meaning and use of Runes with experienced Rune Mage, Dave Lee.

The afternoon will be split into 3 essential parts, Introduction, meaning and uses with an exploration of runes within nature in our garden, followed by making your own set and culminating in a chance to start your journey in reading your own set of Runes.
Anwen Fryer will show how to make your own set.

Dave Lee has been working extensively with runes for over 30 years, and is recognized within the Rune-Gild as a Master. He is the author of various books on aspects of working magic and a well respected member of the IOT and wider British Magic Community. He has been teaching for a similar length of time and has a tremendous amount of practical experience and knowledge.’

Details here.